In the spotlight celebrating Black History Month, Venus Williams.

February is Black History Month and we celebrate it with another great female Tennis player, Venus Williams.

Born in 1980 in Lynwood California, Venus Ebony Starr Williams is an American icon for women’s tennis around the world. Formerly a World # 1 player and ranked 21 st in the World she has won 7 Grand Slam titles. On top of that Venus has won 4 Olympic gold medals, 1 in singles and 3 in women’s doubles.

Venus is a powerful opponent from the baseline, but can quickly turn that into an attacking all-court game. It’s a style that has proven to be well adapted for the grass at Wimbledon, where she’s won 5 titles there in the last ten years.

Williams height 6′ 1″ allows her to play an effective net game and makes it hard for players to pass her when she’s up there. Her long reach also enables her to get to balls that most other players would never get to. Much to the dismay of her opponents she can often hit winners from those defensive positions.

Venus uses a Wilson BLX Blade Team tennis racket, wears EleVen clothes, and Nike shoes.

Venus Williams has won over $28 million since turning pro.

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