Best Tips For Getting Into Shape For Tennis Season 2013

Here’s the Best Tips For Getting In Shape For Tennis Season 2013.

First Tip is to start now, before you step onto the tennis court.

Remember how your body felt after not playing all winter and then running around the court like Novak Djokovic?

Tennis is a great recreational sport because it utilizes most of the major and minor muscle groups, starting with the core, arms, legs and hips.

Of course a gym membership and actually using it during the winter is going to pay off big time in your physical prowess and enjoyment of the game.

Even if you don’t have a gym membership there’s still plenty you can do at home to get ready for the season.

You’ll want to focus on the core muscles, being the abs, back and hips. One way of doing that is what’s called the seven-minute abs workout.

You basically take 7 different ab exercises and do each one for a minute straight. You do as many repetitions as you can in that minute and then take a short break. Then do as many repetitions as possible of the next exercise in a minute and so on.

Next find some light weights and go through the motions of serving, backhands, forehands, overheads and volleys.

For your heart, lungs and legs, do some interval training while running, by throwing in some short sprints, mimicking racing to the front of the court for a drop shot.

Tennis is a game of starts and stops, so it’s important to train for that rather than for endurance, which isn’t a bad thing too.

Also if your kids have a Nintendo Wii you can at the very least get the Tennis game out and practice brushing up on your strokes.

Actually anything you do to get ready for Tennis Season 2013, be it a little or a lot, will ease the pain of the first time on the Tennis court.

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