Best Collectable Vintage Racquets for 2014 – The Hazell Streamline UK Circa 1930’s

Made famous by Henry Wilfred “Bunny” Austin who played with them at Wimbledon in the 1930’s.  Henry pioneered the design of the modern tennis racquet by inventing the ‘Streamline’ racquet, with a shaft that splits into three segments. The design … Continue reading

Vintage Wood Rackets-The 70’s-The Garcia Cragin 240 Pro Wood and the Spalding Pancho Gonzales Autograph

Check out these Vintage Wood Rackets from the 70’s-The Garcia Cragin 240 Pro Wood Tennis Racket and the Spalding Pancho Gonzales Autograph. The Garcia was one of the highest performance standard-sized wood racquets ever made in the United States. It … Continue reading

Vintage Tennis Trophies – Don’t walk by them, you may never see one again…

The LD on Collecting Vintage Tennis Trophies. The rarity of these Tennis gems make them a unique and sought after tennis collectible. They weren’t mass produced so your looking at one of kind collectibles. There’s just something nostalgic and beautiful … Continue reading