Serena Williams Showing the American Men’s Tennis Players How It’s Done

Celebrating Black History month on the Women’s Side of Tennis.

Undeniably the greatest women’s tennis player ever, Serena Williams is showing the American men how it’s done. While she currently ranks #1, the closest American men’s player ranks 16th.

31 year old, Serena Williams has a career record of 566 wins to 110 loses. She has won 47 Titles, including 5 at the Australian Open, 5 at Wimbledon, 2 at the US Open, and 2 at the French Open.

Williams also has an Olympics Singles Gold Medal and 2 Doubles Gold Medals.

If you want to win against Serena, you better be prepared to get grounded and pounded from the baseline. Not only that she possesses one of the best, if not the best serve in Women’s Tennis. Her fastest serve ever being clocked at 129 Mph, just shy of the record 130 Mph serve from her sister Venus and Brenda Schultz-McCarthy.

Serena has earned over $42 million since turning pro. Her sponsors are Nike, Gatorade, Wilson, and OPI. Serena uses a Wilson Blade Team BLX racket.

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