Vintage Tennis Collectibles – The God Racket (Racquet) by Prince

For the best in Vintage Tennis Collectibles – The God Racket (Racquet) by Prince.

If you just have to have the quirkiest tennis collectibles ever, than the Prince God Racquet is a must have for you.

It’s one of those rare and strange finds that make collecting Tennis Collectibles such a hot genre.

And if you’ve got a spare $899.00 you can call it yours as there is one for sale on Ebay as of March 2013

Check out this link and find out what we know about “The God Racket” by Prince.

So if you want to have the best Tennis Collectibles collection around, don’t forget to search out the weird and wonderful.

The God Racquet by Prince, you gotta have it… (link to the auction on eBay: Buy it Now or Offers)

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